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Founder & President

Founder & President

Let’s strive to progress india- let’s be an idol to the whole world.


Aiming for the development of India, and striving for the welfare of students, S.S.S emerged. It is almost 65 years since we got Independence. But still India remained as a developing country. Taking Dr. Abdul Kalam’s words, for the upcoming of the youth and development of India as an inspiration, S.S.S makes a call to the youth of A.P. as it is the time for getting started to eradicate illiteracy and poverty. It helps to solve the problems of the students peacefully, and also make them experts in academics during their student life. For a man who has zeal to do, nothing is impossible. He can achieve anything and make it possible. Money is not a criterion for a person to become great. He should have the quality of hardworking and great attitude. If you courageously make a step forward then, victory automatically moves 10 steps towards you. To mould the student into a complete developed individual, S.S.S is conducting following programs.

  1. Conducting coaching classes to make the students aware whenever job mela’s are conducted in various universities and colleges.
  2. Various competitive tests, personality development classes,
  3. Debate, Essay writing, Quiz, Sports etc will be conducted to improve the skills of the student.
  4. To help the poor when they are in a need through respected donors.
  5. Saving the environment and serving whenever natural calamities occur.
  6. Solving the problems of the students peacefully, for the welfare of them.

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